Welcome to animation-workshop.co.uk.  I am Mike Futcher. I have ran workshops in

  • Stop-motion cutout
  • Stop-motion plasticine (claymation)
  • Digital 3D
  • Digital 2D with Flash
  • Zoetrope – creating a 12-frame loop in a device that requires no electricity
  • Building a maze filled with people’s experience of the NHS’s cancer services

Participants of all ages and abilities have created the clips that are viewable in the “portfolio” section of this site.

  • I have my own portable system.
  • I have an up-to-date CRB check.
  • I am a professional animator.
  • I mostly work in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire, but am willing to travel.
  • I have run workshops for events and with groups.
  • The animations created at a workshop can easily be put onto Youtube, or made into DVDs, etc
  • I would be interested in running workshops that combine animation with other media, such as film,
  • puppetry, or video-jockeying (live video mixing).

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